Delaware Public Education Ombudsperson Program (DPEOP)

The Delaware Public Education Ombudsperson Program (DPEOP) assists students and families who have been unable to resolve non-legal disputes with districts, charters and the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE). DPEOP services may include:

  • Acting as a conduit between families and students, districts/charters, and DDOE as requested, with an emphasis on working directly with individual students.
  • Assisting families and students in navigating programs, services, policies, and procedures.
  • Acting as an advocate for families and students in school-based meetings, which may include IEP and 504 plan reviews, behavioral concerns, and disciplinary matters, including but not limited to, suspensions, expulsions and school related arrests.
  • Facilitating the resolution of parent and student concerns regarding discriminatory acts, policies, and practices, ensuring due process.
  • Participating in securing representation for families and students in school-based litigation, when appropriate and when other measures have not secured a positive outcome for the child.
  • Helping parents and guardians understand their rights.
  • Providing ongoing support and mentorship to students after the resolution of disputes or complaints to ensure that resolutions adequately address students’ needs.

The Delaware Public Education Ombudsperson Program will also collaborate on and share with DDOE and the districts and charters the development of research based best practices to ensure equity, including discipline, academic, social emotional learning, and extra-time supports and evaluating program satisfaction by parents, guardians, and students who are recipients of the program’s services.

The Delaware Public Education Ombudsperson Program is facilitated through the Parent Information Center (PIC) of Delaware.

Please note, the DPEOP should be used after students and families have worked with their district or charter and the DDOE to resolve an education dispute and no resolution was met.

Educator Misconduct

The Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) recognizes that the safety and well-being of all students is essential for providing a positive learning environment. As such, DDOE is charged with conducting licensure investigations as they relate to educator misconduct. These confidential investigations are conducted on behalf of the Secretary of Education as authorized by state statute, 14 Del. C. 1218.

Report Suspected Misconduct

To contact DDOE regarding suspected educator misconduct, email one of our investigators or call.

Email investigator Charles Simpson.

Email investigator Randy Fisher.

Call: 302-735-4009