Under State of Delaware law, the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) is required to exercise general control and supervision over all public schools in the state. DDOE supports districts and charter schools with resources, professional development, grant access and more so that all Delaware students are ready for success in college, career and life. The DDOE develops regulations with input from staff. In some cases, the Department may convene stakeholders to inform proposed updates. Delaware education laws and regulations are often formed in partnership with the:

The Professional Standards Board (PSB) develops regulations with input from the Licensure and Certification Committee which makes recommendations to the full Professional Standards. All PSB meetings (including committees) are open to the public.

The Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association (DIAA) develops regulations with input from the Rules and Regulations Committee, and other DIAA committees, which make recommendations to the DIAA Board of Directors. All DIAA meetings (including committees) are open to the public.

The State Board of Education (SBE) advances education policies, which include approving regulations governing over 100 topics such as content standards, assessments, graduation requirements, educator evaluation, licensure and certification, among many others. Regulations are sent to the State Board of Education for final order from PSB, DIAA, and DDOE. All SBE meetings are open to the public.

Discussion and Public Comment

The proposed regulation is typically placed on the State Board agenda during the month that a regulation is published in the Register of Regulations and the Delaware Department of Education’s Regulations and Code page for discussion. Public comment must be submitted via written comment. However, members of the public are also welcome to provide in-person comment on a regulation during SBE board meetings in conjunction with their written comment.

Following the public comment period, and once the public comment has been reviewed and considered, the responsible entity (DDOE/PSB/DIAA) must bring a proposed regulation forward to the State Board of Education for action. The Board may ask questions regarding the regulations or the public comment received. By state law, the State Board must consider the regulation on the record and new public comment cannot be received at that time.

Providing Public Comment

Persons wishing to present their views on any DDOE regulation may do so by close of business on or before the date noted in the proposed regulation. Comments are considered public record and published in their entirety. Please do not include information in your public comment that you do not want to appear online.

Emergency, Proposed, and Final Regulations

All emergency, proposed and final regulations must be posted in Delaware’s Register of Regulations.

Provide Public Comment


Comments on Proposed Regulations

The following regulations are proposed and out for comment. Click on the regulation number to see the current posted comments for that proposed regulation, or view comments for all proposed regulations.

NumberTitleComment Period CloseComment Count
252Required Educational Records and Transfer and Maintenance of Educational Records02/03/230
275Charter Schools02/03/232
508Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)02/03/232
811School Health Record Keeping Requirements02/03/230
915James H. Grove High School03/06/230
922Children with Disabilities Subpart A Purposes and Definitions02/03/231
923Children with Disabilities Subpart B, General Duties and Eligibility of Agencies02/03/230
924Children with Disabilities Subpart C Local Educational Agency Eligibility02/03/230
926Children with Disabilities Subpart E, Procedural Safeguards for Parents and Children02/03/230
1203Scholarship Incentive Program (ScIP)02/03/232
1204High Needs Educator Student Loan Repayment Program02/03/232
1206Speech Language Pathologist Incentive Loan Program02/03/232
1219Barnes Merit-Based Scholarship03/06/230
1220Holloway Merit-Based Scholarship03/06/230
1221Hebner Merit-Based Scholarship03/06/230
1501Salary Supplements for Educators02/02/239
1568Elementary Dual Language Immersion Teacher03/06/230