The Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) encourages parents and families to engage in their children’s learning. Delaware defines parent and family engagement as the intentional, inclusive, community-specific outreach to involve parents, caretakers, families and communities as partners in education.

Research shows that engaging families in education can improve student

Test Scores


Social Skills



Thoughts About School

DDOE promotes a public school system that fosters positive involvement with families. Since 1998, Title 14 of the Delaware Code has included a parent and family engagement section.

Parent’s Declaration of Responsibilities

Highlights ways families can effectively engage with Delaware schools to promote student learning. Reflects the four elements of family engagement set forth in Title 14, Section 157, subsection (b): communication, parenting skills, volunteerism and collaboration. Developed by DDOE and the Delaware Parent Teacher Association (PTA).


Involve yourself in your child’s education by communicating regularly with your child’s teacher(s), make sure their homework is complete, and recognize your child’s academic achievements.

Parenting Skills

Provide a home educational environment and space with appropriate educational supplies that is quiet, safe, and uninterrupted to maximize learning potential. Ensure and maintain the health and welfare of your children so that they can attend school regularly, motivated, on time and ready to learn.


Support your child’s school by volunteering and involving yourself in the educational decision-making process at the school and district level to strengthen the connection between families and schools.


Execute an agreement or school-parent compact at the beginning of each school year to commit to carry out, to the best of your abilities, the responsibilities outlined in this Parent’s Declaration of Responsibilities.