Delaware districts and charter schools operate under the belief that all schools must continue to focus on improvement – including schools that exceed expectations – to best support all students. Schools receive continuous improvement support from the state (en español) in the form of resources, professional development, grant access and more.

The federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) allows Delaware increased flexibility and local control over its design for supporting educational opportunities and outcomes for all students. In August 2017, the U.S. Department of Education approved Delaware’s ESSA plan for implementing ESSA-required assessments, accountability and resources for districts and charter schools.

  • Delaware ESSA plan – Download the full, current plan here. This plan was last updated November 2022.
  • ESSA programs and support – Lists federal title programs and related support available to Delaware schools.
  • Delaware ESSA framework – Shows how Delaware’s ESSA plan fits into and supports excellence in Delaware public schools.
  • Delaware ESSA plan history – Learn more about how Delaware developed its state ESSA plan. View a history of plan adjustments. Get information on its stakeholder engagement and feedback process.
  • Supporting all schools – Learn more about how Delaware schools receive additional funding and program support. Includes the process Delaware uses for identifying schools that qualify for comprehensive support and improvement (CSI) and targeted support and improvement (TSI).

Additional Resources

ESSA requirements, opportunities for Delaware (en español, an kreyòl ayisyen) – Highlights educational opportunities available under ESSA as well as which federal requirements remain. Includes a general overview of the Delaware ESSA plan features.

ESSA one-pager – Provides a general, graphic-friendly overview of ESSA. Show how Delaware’s ESSA plan supports every Delaware learner from early learning through life after high school graduation.

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