College, Career, and Life

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College and Scholarship Resources

Preparing for life after graduation can be overwhelming – find information on whether you are planning to attend college, join the military or enroll in a trade school.

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Adult Education (16+)

Provides academic instruction to adults (16 years of age and older) who are out of school looking to increase their skills in order to obtain a job or job promotion; access vocational training; enter college; support their children in school; and/or become more active in their communities

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Prison Education

Adult education program that will provide an educational foundation to enable offenders to be productive workers, family members, and citizens while incarcerated and upon release from prison.

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Private Business and Trade Schools

Educational institutions privately owned and operated for profit or nonprofit by an owner, partnership, or corporation offering business or trade and industrial courses usually associated with business training schools, trade schools or specialized skill training schools.

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Veterans Education Programs

Dedicated to assisting veterans and their family members in obtaining benefits and working with other government agencies and civic organizations to facilitate assistive services, ensuring that veterans and other eligible persons have access to high quality programs of education and training.

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