Delaware’s school choice program allows families living in Delaware to apply to enroll their children in any Delaware public school district, charter school or vocational-technical school, regardless of their home address. With a few exceptions, families must choice students into schools during the school choice application window.

School Choice Application Window

Monday, Nov. 7, 2022 – Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2023

Monday, Nov. 1, 2021 – Wednesday, Jan. 12, 2022

Application Window Exceptions

  • Applications can be submitted outside of the standard choice window for “good cause” situations. Good cause is defined in 14 Del.C. § 402 (2) as:
    • a change in a child’s residence due to a change in family residence;
    • a change in the state in which the family residence is located;
    • a change in a child’s parent’s marital status;
    • a change caused by a guardianship proceeding;
    • placement of a child in foster care;
    • adoption;
    • participation by a child in a foreign exchange program;
    • a reported, recorded, and substantiated instance of “bullying” against their child as defined in § 4161 of this title; or 14 Del.C. §4161
    • participation by a child in a substance abuse or mental health treatment program.
  • Charter schools, vocational-technical school districts, and magnet schools may continue to accept applications after the second Wednesday in January to fill remaining availability; however, those schools holding a lottery will only include applications received by the second Wednesday in January.
  • Families enrolling kindergarten students may submit their standard application forms to schools up until the first day of the school year. Pursuant to 14 Del.C. § 2702(b), a child must be 5 years of age on or before August 31 of the school year in order to participate in school choice.

How to participate in School Choice

Step 1 – Register student in the school of residence – A school of residence is the school a student attends based on home address. See the school locator map for a list of schools by address.

Step 2 – Visit school websites, meetings – Parents interested in applying to schools through school choice should plan to visit to learn more about available programs, upcoming informational meetings and application requirements.

Step 3 – Complete the standard application form – Any family seeking to choice a student into another school must complete a standard application form during the school choice application window.

Step 4 –   Choice selection – After the choice window closes, schools process applications based on state and local policy. Some schools may use lotteries. Districts and charter schools are required to follow the state’s policy for accepting school choice students. Families will be notified of their application status (approvals/disapprovals) no later than the last day of February.

How to end school choice participation

A student accepted for school choice will remain enrolled in the choice school until graduation from the school building, the span of a program, or at the parents request. To end enrollment at a choice school and return to a student’s school of residence, families must complete a school choice termination form (English, Spanish).

District/Charter Websites and Contacts

Office, 302-660-4760

1200 N. French Street

Wilmington, DE 19801

Contact Person:  Mercedes Alonso & Mayara Costa

Office 674-0684

104 Saulsbury Road

Dover, DE 19904

Contact Person:  Michele Marinucci

School Choice Office 376-4135

118 S. 6th Street

Odessa, DE 19730-4010

Contact Person:  Julie Lauderbaugh

Administrative Office 793-5067

1311 Brandywine Blvd.

Wilmington, DE 19809

Contact Person:  Stacy Karpinski

Paul L. Dunbar Admin Building 698-4800 x131

7 Front Street, P.O. Box 188

Camden-Wyoming, DE 19934-1252

Contact Person:  Tamara Toles-Torain

Office 736-0403

350 Pear Street

Dover, DE 19904

Contact Person:  Carolin Lyon & Heidi Greene

District Office 645-6686

1270 Kings Highway

Lewes, DE 19958-1798

Contact Person: Diane Vickers

Central Office 857-4237

198 Commerce Way

Dover, DE 19904

Contact Person: Elizabeth ‘Rose’ Stayton

Office 324-8901

170 Lukens Drive

New Castle, DE 19720

Contact Person:  Rachel Valentin

Office 651-2727

100 North duPont Road

Wilmington, DE 19807

Contact Person:  James Capolup & Suzanne Musacchio

Administration Office 302-552-2600

1899 S. College Avenue

Newark, DE 19702

Contact Person:  Janet McMahon

Administrative Office 323-2873

318 E. Basin Road

New Castle, DE 19720-4200

Contact Person:  Ahtiya Johnson

Office 998-0745

112 Middleboro Road

Wilmington, DE 19804

Contact Person:  Anthony Pullella

Central Office 846-9544

200 N. Eighth Street

Delmar, DE 19940

Contact Person:  Charity Phillips & Nicole Mezick

Office 857-3510

1200 N DuPont Highway

Dover, DE 19901

Contact Person:  Evelyn Edney

Office 762-5834

3000 N. Claymont Street

Wilmington, DE 19802

Contact Person:  Rachael Staab

Office 223-2150

355 W Duck Creek Road

P.O. Box 888

Clayton, DE 19938

Contact Person:  Patrick Gallucci

Office 576-1500

1000 N. French Street

Wilmington, DE 19801

Contact Person:  Courtney Fox

Office 407-4800

201 W 14th Street

Wilmington, DE 19801

Contact Person:  Katie Grant & Julia Li

Office 633-4091

2501 Centerville Road

Wilmington, DE 19808

Contact Person:  Catherine Dolan and Pamela Draper

Office 660-4790

Community Education Building

1200 N. French Street

Wilmington, DE 19801

Contact Person:  Kia Johnson & Jorden Jones

Indian River Educational Complex 436-1000

31 Hosier Street

Selbyville, DE 19975

Contact Person: Juanita Oakley & Preston Lewis

Office 472-6450

1200 N. French Street

Wilmington, DE 19801

Contact Person:  Sally Maldonado

Central Business Office 284-3020 x122

5423 Killens Pond Road

Felton, DE 19943-9801

Contact Person:  Kathleen Rogers

Office 292-1463

326 Ruthar Drive

Newark, DE 19711

Contact Person:  Margie Lopez Waite

Central Administrative Office 875-6100

1160 South Central Avenue

Laurel, DE 19956-1413

Contact Person:  Shawn Larrimore

Enrollment Office 424-6483

906 Lakeview Ave.

Milford, DE 19963-1799

Contact Person:  Cathy Rios

Office 376-5125

1156 Levels Road

Middletown, DE 19709

Contact Person:  Ned Southworth

Admissions Office 995-8035

1417 Newport Road

Wilmington, DE 19804

Contact Person:  Debbie Dolde

Office 369-2001

200 McIntire Drive

Newark, DE 19711

Contact Person:  Sharon Dorr

Office 516-8000 x505

4319 Lancaster Pike, Bldg. 23

Wilmington, DE 19805

Contact Person:  Tracie Principe

Administrative Office 697-2170

823 Walnut Shade Road

Woodside, DE 19980

Contact Person:  Macky Trabaudo

Office 697-8805

337 South duPont Highway

Camden, DE 19934

Contact Person:  Ed Emmett & Jessica Bennett

Office 653-6276

273 West Duck Creek Road

P.O. Box 265

Clayton, DE 19938

Contact Person:  Trina Willey

School Choice Office 552-3789

2914 Duncan Road

Wilmington, DE 19808

Contact Person:  Kristine Bewley

Central Office 629-4587 x1550

390 N. Market Street Extended

Seaford, DE 19973-1433

Contact Person:  James Bell

Central Office 653-8585

82 Monrovia Avenue

Smyrna, DE 19977

Contact Person:  Deborah Judy & Ashley Nash

Office 856-3636

21150 Airport Road

Georgetown, DE 19947

Contact Person:  Andrea Rogers & Janet Owens

Office 404-5367

24960 Dairy Lane

Seaford DE 19973

Contact Person:  Lisa Coldiron

Central Office 856-2541

17137 County Seat Highway

Georgetown, DE 19947

Contact Person:  Steve Persolio

Office 778-1101

2200 N Locust Street

Wilmington, DE 19802

Contact Person:  Salmone Thomas-El

Central Office 337-7990

16359 Sussex Highway

Bridgeville, DE 19933-0427

Contact Person:  Derek Prillaman & Nina Colegrove