Careers in Licensed Early Care and Education and School-Age Centers

Are you interested in an exciting career filled with joy and play that allows you to make a difference in the life of a child?

You may begin working in child care as an early childhood aide or school-age aide without any experience or training as long as you are always paired with a qualified staff. You can also become qualified to work in an early care and education or school-age care center, after meeting the Office of Child Care Licensing’s requirements related to age, work experience, and education by applying to DEEDS Early Learning for one of the following certificates:

Early Care & Education Positions

  • Early childhood administrator
  • Early childhood teacher
  • Early childhood assistant teacher
  • Early childhood intern

School-Age Positions

  • School-age administrator
  • School-age site assistant
  • School-age intern

To determine what you need to become qualified to work in a licensed early care or school-age child care center, please visit Early Childhood Staff Requirements  or visit  Staff Requirements for School-Age Positions.

Requirements for these positions are found in DELACARE: Regulations for Early Care and Education and School-Age Centers (Effective 06/10/2022)

In order to become qualified as an early childhood assistant teacher, you must complete TECE I. To become an early childhood teacher both TECE I and TECE II are needed. These positions also require a high school diploma or equivalent, as well as months of experience. For more information or to register for these courses contact:

Location Address Phone
Adult Education Career Training, AED Office 1703 School Lane, Wilmington, DE 19808 302-683-3652
DE Technical & Community College
Owens Campus
Rt. 18, Georgetown, DE 855-1617
DE Technical & Community College
Terry Campus
100 Campus Drive, Dover DE 857-1400
DE Technical & Community College
Wilmington & Stanton Campus
333 Shipley St., Wilmington, DE 571-5378
Delaware Skills Center 1300 Clifford Brown Walkway, Wilmington, DE 654-5392
Marshallton Education Center 1703 School Lane, Wilmington, DE 683-3652
POLYTECH Adult Education 823 Walnut Shade Road, Woodside, DE 697-4545
Sussex Tech 17099 County Seat Highway, Georgetown, DE 856-9035

Online training options are available! There are online TECE I and II courses available that are recognized by the Office of Child Care Licensing. Please visit the Delaware Institute for Excellence in Early Childhood to learn more.

Learn more about how to apply for a Qualification Certificate using DEEDs.