Welcome to the new DEEDS

The Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) is responsible for credentialing early childhood and K-12 professionals to work in Delaware early childcare centers, public districts and charter schools, adult education programs, and prison education facilities. To become a Delaware educator, candidates must log into EdAccess and submit a certification application in DEEDS. The DEEDS system also allows the public to view educator credentials. DEEDS has been recently enhanced and replaces the state’s previous Delaware First system for child care centers.

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Verify Credentials

The DDOE provides public access to educator credentials. To verify credentials input the educator’s first and last name through the link below.

Find Educator/View Credentials

Apply for Educator Credentialing in DEEDS

To access DEEDS you must have an EDAccess account.

If you already have an EdAccess Account:

  • With DEEDS application access
  • Requesting DEEDS application access

If you do not have an EdAccess account and are one of the following:

  • New to Early Learning
  • New to K-12 or non-state employee
  • Unemployed K-12

If you are Early Learning you will select eLearning from the Account Type drop-down.

If you are K-12 you will select eLearning from the Account Type drop-down.

Register for an EdAccess Account

If you are employed in a K12 Public or Charter School:

Please contact your technology department to access your local Single Sign-On Solution (ClassLink) for applications. You do NOT need to apply for an EdAccess account.

The DDOE cannot assist you directly with account management or login issues, support requests should be sent to your technology department.

Retiring Educator

If you are a retiring educator and would like to keep your Educator Credentialing account, please fill out a Program Assistance – Delaware Department of Education form and select EdAccess Login Assistance. Please include the District or Charter School you were last employed with.