The Delaware Department of Education (DDOE) and Delaware schools adhere to the provisions of the federal Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) which aims to promote educational stability and improve educational outcomes for students in foster care. The law allows for students in foster care to continue their education without disruption, maintain important relationships, and have the opportunity to achieve college and career readiness and stresses the importance of collaboration between child welfare agencies and schools.

Supports include:
  • Immediate enrollment
  • Best-interest decision making
  • Dispute resolution
  • School transportation
  • Interagency collaboration
  • Data sharing

The DDOE supports students in foster care by partnering with state agencies and districts and charters to develop state-wide systems, provide technical assistance, resources and professional learning opportunities for those working with students in foster care.

Trauma Informed Practice with Young People in Foster Care – Learn what trauma is, how young people respond to trauma, and how trauma-informed services benefit young people in foster care by reading the article.

Uninterrupted Scholars Act – This bipartisan legislation, amends the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to allow child welfare agencies, with the assistance of educational agencies, to better meet the educational needs of children and youth in the child welfare system.

Federal Resources for Students in Foster Care – This site houses federal resources for supporting students in foster care, such as resources for youth; guidance and regulatory information; and resources related to educational stability, information sharing, special education, and postsecondary education and training.

Fostering Connections to Success and Increasing Adoptions Act – “Fostering Connections,” as the bill is commonly known, will improve the lives of children and youth in foster care and increase the likelihood that they will be able to leave the foster care system to live permanently with relative caregivers or adoptive families. The law accomplishes this by extending and providing services for relatives, children in foster care, tribal nations, and adoptive families.
Links and information about the Fostering Connections legislation.

The Fostering Connections Resource Center: A gathering place of information, training and tools related to furthering the implementation of the Fostering Connections law.

District/Charter Websites and Contacts

Phone: 302-351-8200 Ext.137

Contact Persons/Email: Dr. Alejandra Navarro-Benbow

Phone: 302-674-0684

Contact Person/Email: Daniel Jones

Phone: 302-376-4284

Contact Person/Email: Takeisha Sutton

Brandywine School District (K-5)

Phone: 302-762-7165

Contact Persons/Email: Dawn Hall

Brandywine School District (6-12)

Phone: 302-793-5019

Contact Persons/Email: Lorraine McLaren

Phone: 302-698-4800

Contact Persons/Email: Jennifer Martin

Phone: 302-736-0403

Contact Persons/Email: Thomas Naranjo

Phone: 302-645-6686

Contact Person/Email: Craig Warrington

Capital School District (K-6)

Phone: 302-857-4237

Contact Person/Email: Rod Fesel

Capital School District (7-12)

Phone: 302-857-4238

Contact Person/Email: Shameka Johnson

Phone: 302-324-8901

Contact Person/Email: Teri Andrews-Cordrey

Phone: 302-651-2727 x251

Contact Person/Email: Xuan Bui

Phone: 302-552-2679

Contact Person/Email: Angeleatha McAdoo

Phone: 302-323-2872

Contact Person/Email: Ed Stephan

Phone: 302-998-0745

Contact Person/Email: John Grant

Phone: 302-846-9544

Contact Persons/Email: Stacey Stump

Summer Contact Persons/Email: Ilah Preston

Phone: 302-678-3247

Contact Person/Email: Thowana Weeks

Phone: 302-762-5834

Contact Person/Email: Tysheik Covington

Phone: 302-778-1101

Contact Person/Email: Dana Thompkins

Phone: 302-223-2153

Contact Person/Email: Amber Miller

Phone: 302-576-1500

Contact Person/Email: Tracy Long

Phone: 302-407-4800

Contact Person/Email: Michael Jackson

Phone: 302-633-4091 x108

Contact Person/Email: Bekkah (Kia) Parsons

Phone: 302-660-4790 x612

Contact Person/Email: Dr. Angela Parana

Phone: 302-436-1000

Contact Person/Email: Walter Smith

Phone: 302-472-6450

Contact Person/Email: Kenneth Brown

Phone: 302-284-3020 ext. 125

Contact Person: Dustin Weller

Phone: 302-292-1463

Contact Person/Email: Lilia Meredith

Phone: 302-875-6100 x213

Contact Person/Email: Susan Whaley

Phone: 302-381-0375

Contact Person/Email: Ashley Norman

Phone: 302-696-2000

Contact Person: Mitchell Weiss

Phone: 302-995-8035

Contact Person/Email: Debbie Dolde

Phone: 302-369-2001 x465 or x479

Contact Person/Email: Lauren Traub

Phone: 302-516-8000 x631

Contact Person/Email: Abby Robinson

Phone: 302-697-3255

Contact Person/Email: Diane LeCates

Phone: 302-697-8805

Contact Persons/Email:  Julie Landis

Summer Contact Persons/Email:  Rachael Hohman

Phone: 302-653-6276

Contact Person/Email: April Weaver

Phone: 302-552-3714

Contact Person/Email: April Anderson

Phone: 302-629-4587 x1575

Contact Person/Email: Jean Briggs

Office: 302-653-3135

Contact Persons/Email: Pamela Denny-Griffiths

Phone: 302-856-3636 x1013

Contact Persons/Email: Sherry Macbury

Phone: 302-536-8243

Contact Person/Email: April Aldbury-Harmon

Phone: 302-856-0961 x 298

Contact Person/Email: Carlos Villa

Phone: 302-337-8289, ext. 125

Contact Persons/Email:  Monica Fisher

Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families, Division of Family Services Contact Information:

The Division of Family Services has identified points of contact to assist with the coordination of services for students in foster care. Please contact the appropriate point of contact for the county in which the student resides.

County Contact Name Contact Email Contact Phone Number
New Castle (University Plaza) Christy Diffendall 302-781-6232
New Castle (Beech Street) Kyla Ryde 302-660-3561
Kent Monica Morris 302-526-5675
Sussex Julie Schirmer 302-752-3065

DDOE Contact Information:

For questions regarding education for students in foster care, send an email to Jennifer Davis or call 302-735-4103.