The Professional Development and Associated Compensation Committee (PDACC) is one of the two standing committees of the Delaware Professional Standards Board (PSB). This committee is charged with making recommendations to the PSB for developing and amending, as necessary, regulations in the following subject areas:

  • Professional development for initial licensees who are seeking a continuing license;
  • 90 clock-hours of approved professional development required for license renewal of a continuing license and other professional development requirements;
  • The specific professional development activities and specific areas of skills and knowledge that an educator can undertake and/or obtain in order to receive a skills and knowledge supplement under 14 C. § 1305(k);
  • The specific assignments an educator may accept in order to receive a state-funded salary supplement under 14 C. § 1305(n); and
  • Activities that will permit an educator to be eligible for both skills and knowledge supplements and additional responsibility supplements under 14 C. § 1305(o).

In addition, PDACC is charged with reviewing the professional development requirements for continuing licensees on an ongoing basis and making recommendations to the PSB that modify the minimum requirements and improve the effectiveness of professional development. PDACC is also charged with annually reviewing the requirements for skills and knowledge supplements and additional responsibility supplements. PDACC conducts itself in accordance with the Administrative Procedures Act, the Freedom of Information Act, and the PSB’s procedural rules.