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Do I still need to register a nonpublic school (homeschool or private school) if I am using an online program/curriculum and/or my student is attending an online/digital private school?[ Back to Top ]

Yes, you must a register for a Delaware homeschool even if you are using an online curriculum or attending a virtual school. In Delaware, any online curriculum or virtual school is considered your selected curriculum.

Can my student attend driver’s education courses? How do I register for driver’s education?[ Back to Top ]

Yes, your children may attend driver’s education courses. A student enrolled in a Delaware homeschool and who is a resident of Delaware is entitled to one free driver education course through an adult education program pursuant to DDOE Regulation 540. A list of alternate student driver education program locations can be found on the DDOE Driver Education website.

Please note, some programs may charge a nominal registration fee that varies depending on your selected location.

The parent shall bring the following documents to the program where they are enrolling in drivers education:

• The acknowledgement page showing the student’s enrollment in the nonpublic school. For a copy of the acknowledgement page, log in to the DDOE’s EdAccess System and click on the Nonpublic Schools icon. When the nonpublic school’s homepage displays, click the “Print Acknowledgement” link.
• A copy of the student’s recent report card/grades for verification of eligibility for free driver education and to prove academic eligibility for a Graduated Driver’s License (GDL) pursuant to 14 C. § 4125.
For more information on Driver Education, please visit the Driver Education page.

Can my student play public school sports and/or participate in public school extracurricular activities?[ Back to Top ]

Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association (DIAA) regulations 1008 and 1009 require that in order for a student to represent a school in interscholastic athletics they must be enrolled at that school as a full-time student and the school must be a member school of the DIAA.

Does the DDOE provide a curriculum? What curriculum should I select?[ Back to Top ]

No, the DDOE does not provide or recommend the curriculum of any nonpublic school (homeschool or private). The DDOE does not endorse, accredit, approve, or provide any curriculum for Delaware Nonpublic schools.
After opening your homeschool, you will be responsible for the courses, course work, materials and supplies needed.
Online Schools – An online school is not an open Delaware homeschool. Online schools do not report student enrollment and attendance to the DDOE.
After your child(ren) is/are enrolled in an “open status” Delaware homeschool, you may choose to participate in an online curriculum as long as you continue to maintain your “open status” homeschool with the DDOE.

Does the DDOE issue diplomas for nonpublic school students? Do they have a copy of my diploma?[ Back to Top ]

The DDOE does not issue diplomas for any nonpublic school or validate any type of credential provided by those schools. The DDOE does not retain copies of any diplomas for nonpublic school students.
The diploma will be issued by, and come from the nonpublic school.
Students and parents/guardians may wish to contact a college, university, training program, licensing entities, or employer to determine if they will accept the diploma from a homeschool or multi-family homeschool under consideration.

Does the DDOE keep copies of my academic records and transcripts? Do I need to provide them with report cards?[ Back to Top ]

The DDOE does not issue report cards for any nonpublic school. A report card will be issued will be the responsibility of the homeschool primary contact/administrator or Private School. The DDOE does not determine whether a student is qualified for promotion to the next grade level. Both grading and promotion are determined by homeschool primary contact/administrator or Private School.
Report cards will come from the single family homeschool or multi-family homeschool, or the Private School. It is up to the nonpublic school to determine promotion criteria and promotion is reported with the required annual enrollment submission, no later than October 5.
The DDOE does not retain any academic records for any nonpublic school, open or closed. We strongly encourage all nonpublic schools to maintain and retain a portfolio and records for their student(s). We also recommend that parents/guardians ensure they retain this information for their student(s) as a student may find they need this information years down the road.

Does the DDOE administer state assessments to nonpublic school students?[ Back to Top ]

The DDOE does not administer or provide state assessments to nonpublic school students.
There are private options available if you wish to pursue annual testing for you child(ren). Homeschool students are eligible for these private options to take the PSAT, SAT, ACT, and AP exams. The DDOE cannot recommend any specific private option and does not provide funding for assessment tests.

Are there age requirements for enrollment into a nonpublic school?[ Back to Top ]

There are no specific age requirements in order to enroll into a nonpublic school. Private schools will set their own age requirements for enrollment into their school.
For homeschools, please keep in mind that although the nonpublic school office does not require a minimum age to enter kindergarten, if you look to enroll your student back into public school, it is up to the district’s discretion as to what grade they admit them.
We always recommend –
1. Call your district and ask them what their requirements when transferring a nonpublic school student into their district. What type of documentation are they looking for? Do they require testing?
2. Make sure you keep strong documentation/academic records for your student this year so that you can demonstrate that they have completed kindergarten level skills

Is there any funding or assistance available to nonpublic schools?[ Back to Top ]

There are no fees associated with registering your NPS with the DDOE, however there may be fees associated with the curriculum that you select as well as resources you use.
There is no funding provided by the DDOE for Delaware nonpublic schools.

Will the DDOE sign my Social Security forms?[ Back to Top ]

The DDOE will not sign a social security form for any nonpublic school.
• Single Family Homeschool – The primary contact is the administrator of the homeschool and the school official that would sign this document. The DDOE will not sign this document.
• Multi-Family Homeschool – The multi-family homeschool primary contact/liaison/administrator is the school official and would sign this document. The DDOE will not sign this document.
• Private School – The school will determine who will sign this document.

Will the DDOE sign a work permit for my student?[ Back to Top ]

The DDOE will not sign a work permit for any nonpublic school.
• Single Family Homeschool and Multi-Family – The homeschool official must contact Delaware Department of Labor’s Office of Labor Law Enforcement, Child Labor Law to have the work permit signed. Please visit their website for additional information. You can also call Child Labor Law at 302-761-8200, select option 3 (Wage and Hour).
• Private School – The school will determine who will sign this document.

Is there a minimum number of days my school must be open? Do I need to submit my attendance to the DDOE through the school year?[ Back to Top ]

The DDOE does not require a specific number of days for nonpublic schools to be open during a school year. The DDOE does also not collect attendance information throughout the school year. Attendance will be reported as an aggregate total during the attendance reporting window (June through July annually).
Many nonpublic schools will choose to model their school year similar to public schools, starting in September and remaining open for 180 school days. However, this is not a requirement and up to each individual nonpublic school.
The nonpublic school system is closed from August 1st to August 10th annually to allow the DOOE to roll the system to the new school year. Each school year within the NPS system begins in August.

What if I want to register a school for next school year?[ Back to Top ]

If you are trying to open a nonpublic school for the upcoming/next school year, you must return to the NPS system after August 10th to complete your application. You may apply for your EdAccess account in advance.
Please note, if you decide to register for a new nonpublic school in the current school year, you will be required to withdraw your students from public school as well as complete annual attendance reporting.

Will Delaware allow me to register an online/digital private school?[ Back to Top ]

The DDOE does not allow the registration of online/digital private schools within the State of Delaware at this time. A private school registered with the DDOE must have a physical location as well as address within the State of Delaware.