Why Is Course Transfer Important?

Each college/university in Delaware offers at least one dual enrollment course. Students can take dual enrollment courses as a high school student. While a student may take a dual enrollment course through one institution, they may choose to enroll in a different institution upon high school graduation. This data will be updated annually to enable schools, students and families know if the dual enrollment course taken in high school will be accepted as a direct transfer course at another institution in Delaware. Confirming the direct transfer credit in advance is important to ensure students are building credits that will accelerate their time to complete their college degree. While we have verified this information with the institutions, it is always important to confirm this information when applying to college so that you confirm if any changes have occurred.

I plan to attend a different college/university after high school. How do I know if my course will be accepted for direct transfer credit?

Use the reference table to find credit transfer information for Delaware State University, Delaware Technical Community College, Goldey Beacom College, Wesley College, and Wilmington University.

  • If a course is listed the dual enrollment course will be accepted as transfer credit for that course.
  • If the cell is blank the institution will not accept the course for direct transfer credit.
  • If the cell says ask institution, the institution needs to review the course and other documentation prior to approving transfer credit for the course.
  • If the cell identifies that it will count as an elective in a specific major, the institution did not name a specific course for transfer credit. It will count towards an elective in that content area and accelerate graduation.
  • Some courses with blank cells may be counted as general electives. As each institution requires some electives this can be helpful but students should be careful not to accrue just elective credits when taking dual enrollment courses.

Note: UD will only approve credit through individual student transcript review. See here for information about their transfer policy.