There are 24 total standing committees as listed on the menu to the right.  The standing committees are responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Directors in their respective areas. In addition, the sport committees are responsible for organizing and conducting state championships in their respective sports.  DIAA committees are comprised of over 330 volunteers that serve Delaware interscholastic athletics.

Committee Nominations

DIAA is soliciting nominations for the following committee vacancies (as of September 2021):

  • Boys Soccer (DISC, Blue Hen, Diamond State representatives needed)
  • Field Hockey (one vacancy)
  • Cross Country (Kent or Sussex county representation)
  • Volleyball (DISC, Kent county, Blue Hen representatives needed)
  • Swimming & Diving (DISC, non-conference representatives needed)
  • Baseball (DISC, Kent, and Sussex county representation)
  • Softball (Blue Hen and public member representatives needed)
  • Golf (Diamond State representative needed)
  • Tennis (Athletic Director, Sussex and Kent county representatives needed)
  • Student Athlete Development Committee (Kent County and representation from school counselor/socio-emotional learning support representatives needed) 
  • Girls Lacrosse (two committee vacancies)
  • Girls Soccer (one vacancy)
  • Girls Basketball (2 vacancies – Sussex County representative and 1 public member (Sussex County) preferred

Apply Now!  Once application is received, the DIAA office and the committee chair will contact you to determine next step.  Thanks for your interest in serving DIAA! 

DIAA Committee Application Form

DIAA Transgender Policy Sub-Committee