One of Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association’s main purpose is to promote and protect the health and safety of Delaware’s ~29,000 student-athletes.  DIAA is proud to promote participation in interscholastic athletics by hosting 36 championships over 3 seasons in 21 different sports. 

DIAA is proud to provide leadership awards and development opportunities to student athletes during the year. DIAA provides healthy and safety guidance to member school administration, athletic directors, coaches, and officials to carry out part of our mission to promote and protect the health and safety of student athletes.

DIAA offers the opportunity for student athlete participation in athletics which has shown to have a lasting positive effect on teenager development. In addition, DIAA offers scholarship opportunities, the chance for critical thinking skill development, important life lessons learned through sport participation, the value of good sportsmanship, and the development of future leaders.

More information regarding DIAA leadership development programming and scholarships can be found in the Student Leadership & Awards section.