DIAA Media Policy

Media Email List

Media personnel wishing to receive press releases and information regarding DIAA events must submit their name, media outlet, phone number and email address to DIAA.


Media personnel wishing to cover DIAA events must request working credentials from the DIAA Office. DIAA credentials are only valid for DIAA State Tournament Events. Individual member schools are responsible for issuing credentials for regular season events.

DIAA will provide credentials to representatives of an accredited media organization recognized by DIAA for the sole purpose of providing access to cover a DIAA Tournament Event. Because of demand, credentials will be issued on a priority system. Facility size is a determining factor. All requests may not be honored.

DIAA credentialing is for use solely in connection to news and editorial coverage of the event. Any non-editorial, commercial or other unauthorized use of any transmission, picture, film, videotape, audiotape, writing, drawing, or other depiction of any game, game action, game information, player interview or other stadium activity, and any non-editorial or commercial use of the DIAA mark or logo is prohibited without prior specific approval of the DIAA Executive Director.

DIAA may deny or revoke credentials for noncompliance with DIAA policies and for conduct for which it is reasonable to believe violates state or federal law, or constitutes a breach of professional ethics.

To request media credentials, please submit the Request Form

Deadline for requesting credentials for DIAA Tournaments:

Fall Tournaments – October 16th

Winter Tournaments – January 29th

Spring Tournaments – April 30th

Requests made after these deadlines may not be honored.

DIAA Media Policy 2021.2022