Waiver Request Forms

The Delaware Interscholastic Athletic Association has developed a set of regulations for the purpose of preserving the educational values of interscholastic athletics, promoting fair and equitable competition, and protecting the physical well-being of the participants. Special circumstances will, at times, indicate that an exception to the established rules and regulations is appropriate. To accommodate such situations, the DIAA has adopted a waiver procedure.

Please review the information below and regulation 1006.9.0 in the DIAA manual for the policies and procedures to apply for a waiver.

Waiver Request Guidelines

Waiver Request Form

Requirements for Non-Eligibility Waiver Requests
For waiver requests of non-eligibility rules, the request must be in the form of a written letter or memorandum
and signed by the principal or headmaster of the school. The letter or memorandum must contain sufficient
data to make it possible for the DIAA Board to reach a decision without further investigation, including:

  • ┬áthe rule at issue;
  • why the school is requesting a waiver of the rule; and
  • the positions of other member schools that would be affected if the Board granted the request.

The Waiver Request Form must be received by the Executive Director at least 21 calendar days before the next
regularly scheduled meeting of the DIAA Board and include all required documentation in order to be placed on the
agenda for that meeting.

Once all information is received and reviewed in the DIAA Office, a hearing in front of the DIAA Board may be
scheduled. The school and student will receive a scheduling letter that includes written notification of the date and
time of the hearing. The student and parent(s) must attend the meeting. A representative of the school is not
required to attend.

Waiver hearings shall be conducted in an informal manner that affords all parties the opportunity to present all
information and all relevant arguments. The burden of proof rests on the applicant (the student, his/her parents or
guardians, principal, headmaster, or other affected party) to show extenuating circumstances warranting a waiver.

The DIAA Board shall consider the entire record of the case in reaching its final decision. Typically, a decision will be
made on a waiver request at the hearing and shall be effective immediately.