The following individuals were the Delaware State Teacher of the Year (TOY). DDOE is excited to recognize these outstanding professionals whose work has been vital to students’ success.

2020, Rebecca Vitelli, Colonial School District

2021, Kimberly Stock, Red Clay Consolidated District

2010, Mary E. Pinkston, Brandywine District

2011, Joseph Masiello, Red Clay Consolidated District

2012, Amber Augustus, Smyrna District

2013, John Sell, Sussex Technical District

2014, Lea Wainwright, Appoquinimink District

2015, Megan D. Szabo, Caesar Rodney District

2016, Sandra Hall, Smyrna District

2017, Wendy Turner, Brandywine District

2018, Jinni Forcucci, Sussex Technical District

2019, Dana Bowe, Seaford District

2000,Ronni K. Cohen, Brandywine District

2001, Julia N. Harper, Delmar District

2002, Tonya Marcinkewicz, Brandywine District

2003, Sharon Crossen, POLYTECH District

2004, Rita Hovermale, Woodbridge District

2005, Kathleen H. Thomas, Caesar Rodney District

2006, Garrett W. Lydic, Laurel District

2007, Caridad Alonso, Red Clay Consolidated District

2008, Courtney Fox, Brandywine District

2009, Mark D. Teesdale, Lake Forest District

1990, Timothy P. Young, Lake Forest District

1991, Lisa (Best) Eline, Red Clay District

1992, Mercedes V. Ferrari, Milford District

1993, Clealyn B. Wilson, Capital District

1994, Patrice Buchanan, Christina District

1995, Candice Hopkins, Colonial District

1996, Darryl J. Hudson, Indian River District

1997, Francis J. O’Malley, Brandywine District

1998, Harry Kutch, Colonial District

1999, Lyn Newsom, Brandywine District

1980, Bruce Laird, New Castle County, Area 1

1981, June Soukup, Indian River District

1982, Renee O’Leary, Colonial District

1983, Harriett B. Donofrio, Cape Henlopen District

1984, Teresa G. Carey, Indian River District

1985, Susan Thomas Holder, New Castle County Vo-Tech District

1986, Doris G. Stevenson, Brandywine District

1987, Paul Parets, Red Clay District

1988, Penny Schockley, Milford District

1989, Eleanor D. Schmidt, Colonial District

1970, Jessie C. Duncan, Newark District

1971, Phyllis G. Schabinger, Appoquinimink District

1972, Vivian Ellis, New Castle-Gunning Bedford District

1973, Mary Decker, Milford District

1974, Polly M. Bray, Newark District

1975, Eleanor (Forsberg) Young, Mt. Pleasant District

1976, Lyn V. Eggink, Division of Juvenile Corrections

1977, Lucy E. Samluk, De La Warr District

1978, William W. Barkley, Capital District

1979, Nina Lou Bunting, Indian River District

1965, Grace C. Moore, Marshallton-McKean District

1966, Nancy Lloyd Harper, Seaford School District

1967, Joseph J. Gilligan, Dickinson High School

1968, J. Richard Kendall, III, Mt. Pleasant District

1969, Ellen H. Harmeson, Capital School District