The Delaware State Behavioral Health Professional of the Year (BHPOY) program is administered by the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE). Each year the program recognizes outstanding service by school employees who are health care practitioners or human service providers who offer services for the purpose of improving an individual’s mental health. The Delaware Charter School Network also is invited to participate. Employees considered for the award include:

  • School counselors
  • School social workers
  • Licensed clinical social workers
  • School psychologists
  • School nurses

From those nominated at a local level, one behavioral health professional of the year moves forward to represent each district or the charter school community in the state program. Each district/charter network winner receives a $2,000 personal award from the winner’s district or charter school. The state program then chooses one person annually to serve as Delaware’s Behavioral Health Professional of the Year. State winners receive an additional $3,000 personal award from DDOE as well as $5,000 to be used for the educational benefit of his or her students.

Regulation 239 – Establishes policies and procedures for Delaware’s annual BHPOY award.


2022 Application

Congratulations to the current BHPOY nominees!

Award Year 2022

District/Charter Nominees