All kindergarten students in Delaware public schools participate in the Delaware Early Learner Survey (DE-ELS). This survey asks kindergarten teachers to observe and record each child’s knowledge and skills to determine any supports needed to succeed in kindergarten and beyond.

DE-ELS is a developmentally-appropriate, whole-child survey. During the first 30 days of school, teachers observe a set of 34 objectives related to six developmental domains: social-emotional, physical, language, cognitive, literacy, mathematics. Students whose primary language is not English may receive an additional domain: English Language Acquisition. Learn more about the survey’s objectives.

DE-ELS results allow educators, families and the state to identify:

  • Resources the child may need to customize instruction to children’s needs in all developmental domains
  • How to best support young children’s progress before, during and after kindergarten
  • Ways to support early learning and kindergarten teachers and administrators throughout Delaware

Download the DE-ELS family flier for more information.

DE-ELS Survey Results

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