Project DelAWARE provides schools with evidence-based mental health services that promote student wellness and resilience. Project DelAWARE improves student access to mental health services. All services are integrated within a Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS).

Project DelAWARE is a collaborative effort between the Delaware Department of Education (DDOE), The Division of Prevention and Behavioral Health Services (DPBHS), the UD Center for Disabilities Studies (CDS), the UD Center for Drug and Health Studies (CDHS), and three local school districts: Capital School District, Colonial School District, and Indian River School District. Funding for the project is provided through a five-year federal SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) grant.

Project DelAWARE Goals

Goal 1
School staff will recognize the principles of MTSS and will understand the referral process to access mental health services for students.

Goal 2
Each school district will receive a mental health support team comprised of a Mental Health Professional and a Community Project Manager to assist the district with identifying students with mental health needs, addressing the needs within the each school, coordinating the mental health services within the school setting, and connecting students with resources in the community.

Goal 3
Launch a mental health awareness campaign to eliminate the stigma around mental health.

Goal 4
Each school will implement a mental health screening process for students and provide mental health services that are evidence-based and proven effective.

Additional Human Resources

Youth Mental Health First Aid

Multi-Tier System of Support

Interconnected System Framework

“Reducing the Stigma” Social Marketing Campaign

Functional Family Therapy

Strengthen School Referral Process

Identify Coordinated Resources

Universal Screening Process

Cognitive Behavioral Intervention for Trauma in Schools

 Help is Here – This website pulls together local resources for mental health needs, preventative practices, addiction support, treatment, and recovery services.

Mental Health DE – This website provides information on mental health and wellness for youth.  There are resources for supporting youth as well as suicide prevention tools and information.

What are ACE’s – Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE’s) is the term used to describe all types of abuse, neglect, and other potentially traumatic experiences that occur to people under the age of 18.  Find out more information through this link.

Nemours Behavioral Health Resources – Nemours has resources available to help support your child adjust to and cope with across multiple areas including death, bullying, divorces, and more.

Mental Health Association in Delaware – This website will help you find a wellness group to attend and will educate you on services and suicide prevention.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) – NAMI supports mental health in Delaware through a variety of services, including workshops, training, and support groups.

Contact Information:

Cassandra Codes-Johnson, Project Coordinator
Delaware Department of Education, School Support Services
Phone: 302-857-3386
Fax: 302-739-1769
Send an email to Casandra


Sandi Syglowski, Project Co-Coordinator
Department of Prevention and Behavioral Health Services
Send an email to Sandi