Yeraldin Torres-Landeros

Seaford High School

Nomination Statement

“Yeraldin Torres-Landero is the daughter of Martha and Roman. Yeraldin is very active at school and her community. Yeraldin is an outstanding student and that excel academics. She has taken several Advanced Placement courses (AP). She volunteers with Nanticoke River and Conservancy, Health Occupational Students of America (HOSA), and Key Club. In addition, to her volunteer duties, she works at the Boys and Girls. Yeraldin holds several leadership positions in these organizations, which includes being the current President of HOSA and President National Honor Society. Yeraldin has been accepted to multiple college this fall.”

“Appreciated by those around me, I constructed my identity with the help and support of my parents. Although not particularly wealthy, my parents have always stressed the importance of expressing gratitude, a concept that has impacted both my sense of self and motivations. Where the massive appreciation I hold for my parents and their sacrifices has allowed me to become dedicated to my education and reconstruct the vision society has created for me: an impecunious brown Latina with unrealistic dreams”