Won Jang

Middletown High School

Nomination Statement

“Son of Hong Phil Jang and JuYoung Oh, Won is currently ranked No. 1 in his graduating class with a cumulative GPA of 4.638 at the end of his junior year. Won participated in various academic clubs such as HOSA, Science Olympiad, Math League, and BPA. Won volunteered in the local community through the National Honor Society and created his own Korean club at MHS at the request of his friends to teach them Korean. Won aspires to become a research scientist in molecular/cellular biology and plans on studying biological engineering in the fall.”

“I’ve always challenged myself to learn more about the world in many different fields, and I loved how my exploration of hobbies and academics could be used to help my community. These self-initiated adventures shaped me into a continuous learner and, along with my parents’ encouragement, to enjoy the process over the outcome. I’ve learned to seek the purposes behind my studies and value connections with people.”