Sarah-Ashley Dinsmore

Smyrna High School

Nomination Statement

“Sarah-Ashley Dinsmore, daughter of Kevin and Ami Dinsmore, is a passionate student and creative artist. She dedicates her time to her studies, as well as her creative endeavors. When she’s not studying or in the art studio, she is at her part-time job working as a leader at North-Dover Chick-Fil-A. Sarah-Ashley is passionate about people and loves to volunteer. She hopes to have a career that positively impact those around her. She plans on majoring in business administration with the goal of being a business consultant, educating business owners on the importance of servant leadership, communication, and strong company culture.”

“I strive to glorify God in all that I do, while I love those around me. I’ve been able to be successful because I have God-given abilities for academics and a hard-working spirit.”