Samantha Oliver

Sussex Academy

Nomination Statement

“Samantha Oliver, daughter of Matthew and Korrin Oliver of Lewes, is top of her class at Sussex Academy and so very skilled at communicating her ideas and demonstrates a high-level of grace and humility. Through her own personal life experiences, Samantha has developed a passion around advocacy for those battling with mental health issues. She has decided that she will pursue that passion by getting a degree in psychological law. It is quite impressive how she can communicate a vision for her future, understands the power of experience over theory, and how experience will contribute to her overall goal of using her work in studying the psychology behind civil-service and how it can be used to better serve the American people. Samantha is certainly worthy of this honor.”

“My first love was the written word. I grew up in a home littered with books and permeated with the smell of paper. My books are dog-eared with bent covers stacked in rows across my floorboards, soft light like summer leaking through the pages. My parents and teachers fostered my indelible curiosity, and I am eternally grateful for their support. As I finish high school, I will continue to be curious and walk through life with my eyes wide open.”