Raphael Kim

Newark Charter School

Nomination Statement

“In 2021, Raphael traversed Delawarean cornfields in the blazing summer heat – studying plant breeding genetics and discovering a passion for applied science. She then conducted a novel study regarding the impacts of tin oxide nanoparticle concentrations on the biomass, seed germination, leaf count, and root development of model plant organisms. Raphael, who served as the statewide VP of Apollo Youth in Medicine, has the tender diction of a prospective MFA creative writer and performs as a violin soloist with Delaware’s Youth Symphony Orchestra. Raphael – a Mock Trial captain and editor-in-chief of Newark Charter’s literary publications – will attend Princeton, Stanford, or Yale.”

“My passion for biology and environmental science began in my mother’s backyard garden, experimenting with fertilizer and water to grow the best vegetables for our table. Thanks to my teachers, mentors, and friends at Newark Charter and the University of Delaware, I was able to help my passion bloom, pursuing research and competing internationally. I will always be grateful to my family, my seed to start from, and I am excited to see what new blossoms the future will bring.”