Paulina Lopez-Gomez

Dickinson (John) School

Nomination Statement

“Paulina Lopez-Gomez, daughter of Santaigo and Edelia Lopez of Wilmington,has a gpa of 5.141 and ranks in the top of her class. For the past four years Paulina has been an integral part of our concert band, cross country, track, and field hockey teams and is a forming member and captain of the girls’ lacrosse team. She is extremely creative and loves to make and create things from scratch as well as listen to music. Paulina plans to go into mechanical engineering and attend University of Delaware in the fall.”

“While good grades and a well-paying job should be strived for, they don’t define success. For me, being happy with yourself and your surroundings adds more to achievement than anything else. I’ve been deemed successful on account of my academic accomplishments. That view, however, has completely disregarded the personal discomfort I’ve felt throughout my life because the education system attributes numbers with prosperity. I hope that one day people will take more qualities into consideration when defining success.”