Oluwaseun Ogundimu

MOT Charter School

Nomination Statement

“Oluwaseun Ogundimu is the son of Peter and Hope Ogundimu. Oluwaseun is the co-president of MOT’s Future Medical Professionals of America Club at MOT Charter High School. He’s passionate about the intersection between health and the environment. He’s served as a Youth Planning Board Member for New Castle County as well as the Director of Finances at The Urban Garden Initiative, an international non-profit promoting gardening and sustainability in inner cities. He also participated in MOSTEC, an MIT summer program, where he co-developed a map analyzing racial health disparities in Philadelphia. Oluwaseun plans to attend Harvard University and study neuroscience.”

“The most critical part of my identity is my Afrocentrism, a combination of my Nigerian heritage, gospel playlists, and my time writing hip-hop rhymes on the bus and in school. Despite the many times I’ve fallen, my Nigerian culture teaches me that the best is yet to come and the themes in the gospel and hip hop songs that I and others create empower me. Being grounded in who I am, in my culture, drives my uncompromising motivation.”