Madison Crossley

Caesar Rodney High School

Nomination Statement

“Daughter of Kimberly and Mark Crossley of Dover, Madison Crossley is currently ranked number one in her graduating class of 488 students. Madison is a highly successful student, a competitive athlete, and a talented member of our fine arts department in both band and choral. Madison learns at our highest academic level across all curricular areas including 11 AP courses. Madison’s many accomplishments include being an Academic All-Conference runner, a College Board AP Scholar with Distinction, and an All-State Band member. Madison’s impressive record compares well to some of the best students to have walked our halls in recent years.”

“My father once commented, ‘Hard work doesn’t always guarantee “success.”’ This is no paradoxical statement, but at the time it shocked me. I had come to believe that as long as I worked hard I would be ‘successful.’ My parents helped me understand that success is not defined by accolades or achievements, rather success is determined by the personal growth that one experiences, and it is now the prospect of this growth that motivates me to work hard each day.”