Laicie Terry

Sussex Central High School

Nomination Statement

“Laicie is a high achieving student with clearly defined academic and career goals to become a physician. As demonstrated by her academic record, Laicie is committed to high educational standards, ranking third in her class with a cumulative GPA of 4.4. Outside of the classroom, Laicie has volunteered with a variety of community organizations to serve local families and to assist family and friends with needed support. Laicie is passionate about pursing her goal to enter a four-year college and ultimately attend medical school. A desire of Laicie’s is to promote equitable access to health care as future physician.”

“My future ambitions have motivated and impelled me as a student in and outside of the classroom because traveling down the road towards being a physician means having to work twofold as hard as everyone else. However, difficult thoroughfares lead to the most prepossessing destinations. My family, friends, and teachers have succored and scaffolded me as the journey just begins.”