Kyndall Wyngaard

First State Military Academy

Nomination Statement

“Kyndall Wyngaard, daughter of Kimberly and Gerald Wyngaard of Middletown, has developed strong leadership skills, assertiveness, humility, sound judgment, and work ethic, which is rare in a person of her age and experience. She is ranked first in her class and earned the Legion of Valor Award in Region One, awarded to the top cadet in MCJROTC with over 8500 cadets. Kyndall was the first junior selected as commanding officer and has accumulated over 500 hours of community service. Kyndall has been accepted into the U. S. Naval Academy and Princeton University.”

“One of our greatest assets as young adults is our power of observation. Hard work and strong character can take many far, but to go even further, you must learn and build a team from those around you. I am deciding between Princeton University or United States Naval Academy, where I will continue to develop myself and those around me so we may leave a greater legacy than those who came before us.”