Jada Turner

Glasgow High School

Nomination Statement

“Jada is the picture of excellence, and we are so fortunate to have her as a student at Glasgow High School. Her demonstrated level of excellence is evident in all areas of her life, most especially in the classroom setting. Beyond the classroom, Jada is a phenomenal field hockey player and has served as co-captain for two years. She is also active in Key Club, BPA, Black Achievers, community service and has won competitions from University of Delaware in her entrepreneurship program. There is nothing Jada cannot do, and we will miss her greatly next year!”

“My family has always been my biggest source of inspiration with my education and work ethic. My education has always come first and extracurriculars a close second. Getting involved in my school and community caused me to get out of my comfort zone and become more social. Business classes at Glasgow also helped me understand what I want to major in, international business. I am positive that I will make a great impact around the world.”