Jack Wu

Charter School of Wilmington

Nomination Statement

“Jack Wu is the perfect example of maximizing one’s potential. His resume includes 18 Advanced Placement courses, he speaks five different languages and has enjoyed playing piano for over 12 years. One of Jack’s many accomplishments is harnessing his computer science and math modeling skills to create and build a website in 2020 that was able to predict the spread of COVID-19. In his free time, he provides free tutoring on mathematics and computer science and enjoys mining Bitcoin.”

“Using my favorite activity, computer coding, I’ve researched COVID-19 forecast models and developed many personal passion projects including a website and artificial intelligence. I am a top scorer in competitive programming and mathematics. Outside of computer science, my personal favorite extracurricular is Quizbowl, academic trivia where I learn about all facets of science, and I also play piano for relaxation. I am open to pursuing any branch of computer science that presents itself in the future.”