Elyse Hunt

Brandywine High School

Nomination Statement

“Elyse is completing high school as one of the top ranked students in her class. She serves as the National Honor Society treasurer. Elyse has taken the most rigorous course load possible (including 14 AP courses) during her time at Brandywine, earning a 4.587 GPA along the way. She is heavily involved with Girl Scouts, soccer, and was a team member as one of the top 100 national finalists for the 2021 Samsung Solve for Tomorrow competition. Elyse plans to pursue the Air Force ROTC on Cornell’s campus, where she has been accepted as an engineering student.”

“‘Pass on what you have learned,’ Yoda once told Luke Skywalker. But I’m sure no one wants to hear about the Panic of 1896 or how to take an integral, so I’ll share something else instead. I want to acknowledge my teachers for pushing me to excel, even in subjects that aren’t my favorite (I’m looking at you, English and physics), my parents for always being there for me, and my friends for making school, and especially school sports, enjoyable.”