Eileena Mathews

duPont (Alexis I.) High School

Nomination Statement

“Eileena Mathews is exceptionally bright, dedicated to excellence, and a real ‘go-getter.’ Ranked first in her class, Eileena is ready for all the challenges ahead! Outside of her academic accomplishments, Eileena is a true leader. She has a natural leadership style where she is often tapped to lead groups, such as Student Council of the Red Clay Board. She is also a positive contributor on our school’s BPA, DECA, and National Honor Society. Her enthusiasm for helping improve her community and our school knows no bounds. She is dynamic, driven to succeed, and energetic in every endeavor.”

“Being a student during COVID was tougher than any average year, but I had so many support systems by my side including my AIHS teachers and administration, the college access organization TeenSHARP, my friends and family, and my faith who made this journey possible. I wouldn’t be the person I am without the community around me, and I’m excited to take the lessons I’ve learned these past four years into adulthood. Thank you for this honor!”