Diya Dudhia

Newark High School

Nomination Statement

“Diya Dudhia, daughter of Ashish and Falguni Dudhiya of Newark, has been an active leader in both school and community activities throughout her high school career. Diya is number one in her class while challenging herself with some of the most difficult coursework offered at Newark High School. In addition to her academic accomplishments, she is involved in several activities in her community and is actively working to make our world a better place. As she pursues her degree in Biology, and ultimately works to become a physician, there is no doubt that she will accomplish great things and impact the lives of others.”

“From a young age, I was determined to become a physician. This became the biggest goal in my life and my motivation for everything I have achieved till now and beyond. I am extremely grateful for the support from my incredible teachers at Newark High School and encouragement from my family and friends. Now, I cannot wait to start my new journey as a pre-med student in undergrad to continue on the path I set for myself several years ago. I will continue to work hard until I earn my white coat and the title of ‘Dr. Diya Dudhia.’”