David Yan

Charter School of Wilmington

Nomination Statement

“David Yan is a true environmental activist. He co-founded the CSW EcoAlliance student organization with a goal to inform members of his local community about how their choices impact the environment. David collaborated with other environmental leaders in Delaware to coordinate state-wide student initiatives. He has been a student researcher at the University of Delaware since 2015, investigating renewable energy and climate change, fuel cells for zero-emission transportation, drone delivery in smart cities and direct carbon dioxide capture from the air. David was a co-inventor of direct air capture electrochemical cells and reduced the concept to practice.”

“Bringing change for the better is a goal that I constantly pursue, whether it be as a representative on Student Government or as an environmental activist. At the same time, my community has changed me just as much as I have changed it. I am deeply thankful for my amazing teachers and peers at the Charter School of Wilmington, who have constantly inspired and encouraged me in every step of my journey and made me who I am today.”