Dakota Hickerson

Laurel Senior High School

Nomination Statement

“Dakota Hickerson, the daughter of Jamie Edick, is a tenacious student. Dakota is currently ranked first in her class, with a 4.4 GPA. She is a dedicated student that is taking Advanced Placement classes, two dual enrollment classes, and is enrolled in Academic Challenge. Additionally, she is heavily involved with the marching band and theater department. This past marching band season, she was the drum major over the band and is the director of the school’s spring musical. Dakota plans to attend Cedar Crest College to earn a degree in secondary English education to become an English teacher and theater teacher.”

“When I was young, my mother always read to me continuously. Due to this, I quickly developed an intense love for reading and learning. I attribute all of my academic success to her constantly pushing me to actively seek and fight for my education, despite any personal setbacks I may endure. To this day, I feel that my education has assisted me in all facets of my life and that with it, I am capable of achieving anything.”