Ayden Hayes

Dover High School

Nomination Statement

“Son of Mark and Rebecca Hayes, Ayden is hard-working, energetic and very charismatic. He is currently ranked No. 3 with a 103.6 cumulative grade point average. Ayden is involved with every band program we have to offer at Dover High School. He is an active member in the National Honor Society, Speech and Debate, Spanish Club, Math League and volunteers his time with Teen Vision. He volunteers in the community as a greeter at the blood bank and tutors younger children and peers. Ayden is an exceptional young man and plans to major in computer science.”

“With the rampant issues of capitalism causing the exploitation, pollution, and overall deterioration of the environment, I can’t help but feel unfulfilled in my actions. For this reason, I’ve long desired to make meaningful change in the world. These ambitious goals, combined with an understanding of my abilities, has inspired me to put forth all my effort into my academics and study computer science.”