Ayanna Harris

Howard High School of Technology

Nomination Statement

“Daughter of Aunye Bowe and Bernard Harris of Wilmington, Ayanna is very involved in school and around the community. She is the COO of the school store, vice president of her career area class, a National Honor Society member and a mentee in the Bank of America mentoring program. She is also a member of the dance group Melodic Movements, Inc. Her future goal is to become an entrepreneur of multiple businesses. Ayanna has earned a 4.04 GPA and plans to attend North Carolina Central University and major in business administration.”

“What inspired me to do well was seeing the different types of peers I have had around me and how they used their mistakes as an excuse. I knew that I did not want that for myself, and I knew that in order to be better, I had to do better. I push myself without using excuses to make up for my mistakes. Yes, mistakes are a part of life, but my biggest mistake will not be my education.”