Ashlynn Toppin

Laurel Senior High School

Nomination Statement

“Daughter of Shakhan and Tishanna Toppin, Ashlynn Toppin is a driven and well-rounded student. She works to achieve being a leader in and outside the classroom. Currently she has a 4.2 weighted GPA while taking AP and dual enrollment courses through Delaware Technical and Community College. While working through her academics, she has maintained many extracurricular activities like being a captain of her varsity cheer and soccer team, class president, served as state officer for the Delaware State Educators and a member of the Delaware Youth Philanthropy Board. Ashlynn is planning to study communications with an interest in broadcasting.”

“Growing up, I have worked and learned about the importance of hard work and gaining opportunities to create change. I have always valued the importance of education and the work ethic to prepare myself for the next step in college. I have also worked heavily in my community including volunteer work. Despite the circumstances I have faced, I am constantly motivated to continue to strive forward to not only become successful for myself but also to inspire others around me.”