Ashley Bao

Calloway (Cab) School of the Arts

Nomination Statement

“National Merit Finalist, Presidential Scholar Nominee, AP Capstone diploma recipient, and ranked first in her class, Ashley Bao is an exceptional young woman. She is a published writer, talented clarinetist, and dedicated figure skater. Ashley’s intellectual curiosity is the energy that propels her forward through the mastery of her challenging academic course load. Activities include research fellow at the Delaware Historical Society, DYLN, President of TSA, co-founder and co-president of the Asian Student Association, and secretary of P4 Global Humanitarian Support. Still weighing her college options, Ashley plans to study linguistics and computer science.”

“I’m continuously appreciative of my friends and family for inspiring me to strive to achieve more and always supporting me when things don’t go well. Seeing the people around me pursue their passions while uplifting others motivates me to continue my efforts in college and beyond. They have instilled within me an innate drive to succeed in every challenge I undertake.”