Alaina McPherson

Delcastle Technical High School

Nomination Statement

“Alaina has been investing in her education and her future since 9th grade, and her efforts have paid off tremendously. She participates in two college preparatory programs through TeenSharp and LYTE, she is a member of the National Honor Society and she is in our math league. Outside of these programs, Alaina is very active in her church as a youth leader and as the food and beverage manager. Alaina consistently demonstrates integrity and respect for herself and others and she has a kindness and compassion that draws others to her. She would like to become a computer programmer and one day create an app that ‘would be of good benefit to the world,’ which is in keeping with her outlook on life and work.”

“One factor that has encouraged me to be motivated is my family, as we are immigrants from the small island of Jamaica, where many students such as myself have no access to the academic opportunities like I have here in the United States. Success was not an option, but a duty to perform well in school to make my family proud, as well as paying it forward in becoming successful in future endeavors, a future I know will be bright.”