Abigail Adeneye

Glasgow High School

Nomination Statement

“Abigail is a smart, responsible, reliable, and inspiring young woman, who is dedicated to her academics and genuinely values her educational opportunities. Abigail’s commitment to extracurricular activities and community service, while simultaneously maintaining Distinguished Honor Roll, illustrates her hard work and dedication. She is a superb athlete who is part of our basketball team. This is in addition to completing many hours of community service at her local church. Abigail is certain to succeed in any academic pathway she chooses in life, due to her motivation self-determination and positive attitude.”

“Moving from Nigeria to the US has been the greatest challenge I have faced. From the education system to the government to the lifestyle, everything was different. I was able to grow from this experience with the help of my family and Glasgow High School. This opportunity was the stepping stone for my success as I prepare to study in computer science at Skidmore College. I am confident I will be well-equipped to drive change in Delaware and Nigeria.”