Victor Tung

Sussex Central High School

Nomination Statement

“Victor exceeds expectations in our rigorous International Baccalaureate Program. The IB Program has strengthened Victor’s leadership skills; he works flawlessly in groups and has a strong sense of global thinking. Victor is a member of the Math League, earning 1st and 2nd place in individual competitions, and the Technology Student Association. He is a referee in Robotic competitions and works at his family’s restaurant. During quarantine, Victor enrolled in lessons to learn Mandarin. This involvement is impressive while being an IB Diploma candidate and 2nd in the Class of 2021 with a GPA of 4.63.”

“Neither of my immigrant parents attended college, and as a result, they have missed out on many opportunities in life. For this reason, I want to attend college and major in computer science. Doing well in school has allowed me to prepare and work towards this goal. Whether it is creating autonomous vehicles or folding proteins, I believe that computers are and will always be the future.”