Teresa Morelli

Delmar High School

Nomination Statement

“Teresa Morelli is not only a highly driven, dedicated and remarkable student, but also a devoted member of the community. Teresa finds joy in volunteering and bringing happiness to others. Academically she is an excellent persuasive writer and problem-solver. She has consistently selected the most rigorous courses available, earning a rank of number one in her class. Teresa has a strong desire to be successful and achieve greatness. She is a very decisive young woman and once her mind is set on a goal, she won’t stop until it is achieved. ”

“My inspiration to succeed comes from my large family. My three older sisters, each consecutively one year older, have been both great role-models and great competitors throughout school. Determined to live up to their examples, I have surprised myself with my accomplishments. Like how my older sisters have motivated me, I feel it is my responsibility to inspire my younger brother and sister. Additionally, the high expectations set by my parents and myself have kept me pushing to do better.”