Smith Easton

Caesar Rodney High School

Nomination Statement

“Smith Easton, son of Shannon and Michael Easton of Dover, is a three-season athlete who has been an active leader in both school and community activities, competing successfully in FFA events and volunteering extensively in the community. He is a proud Eagle Scout. Smith and his family have visited 47 states and many national parks, sparking his interest in animals and conservation. Academically Smith is at the top of his class, has pursued a demanding curriculum and earned CR Hall of Fame recognition 11 times. Smith plans to pursue a degree in wildlife biologyzoology at Delaware Valley University.”

“My whole life I have been driven by the urge to educate myself so that I can make the world a better place. I wish to work with the preservation of animals in order to prevent mass extinction, and this desire has always inspired me. I believe that by learning as much as I can about the world, I will be able to play my part in ensuring that future generations won’t miss the biodiversity that Earth has to offer.”