Sakhee Desai

MOT Charter School

Nomination Statement

“Sakhee is currently ranked at the top of her graduating class with a 4.75 GPA. As Student Body President, she strives to promote change in the areas of academics, athletics, and community service. Sakhee serves as National Honor Society secretary and the Delaware Ambassador for Girls Tech Together, a nonprofit dedicated to promote Women in STEM. Throughout high school, she was a contributing member of the Science National Honor Society, Business Professionals of America, Girls Go CyberStart, and Varsity Golf Team. Finally, Sakhee contributes to community endeavours such as organizing DE’s Youth Environmental Summit and volunteering at the Blood Bank.”

“Ambition is the first step towards success, but without action, ambition is rendered obsolete. I am constantly pushing myself to create a lasting impact on those around me. Inside the classroom, I strive for an interdisciplinary education to transverse traditional bridges in academia. In my personal life, I aim to cultivate a global perspective by serving an ambassador for underrepresented children and volunteering at orphanages abroad! I hope to leverage my experiences to embark on a path that inspires other.”