Rohan Kanchana

Newark Charter School

Nomination Statement

“Rohan has a relentless capacity for knowledge acquisition and he demonstrates equally notable ease of engagement with adults and peers alike; his increasingly genius-level insights are not intimidating but instead inspiring. The NCS community is collectively rooting for him. Rohan’s accolades feature his signature acumen for specialized inquiry. Examples include his work as a lead author/programmer of influential gene-editing research/software, his status as an MIT Research Science Institute (RSI) Scholar, and contributions as an intern at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN). Rohan was admitted to MIT in December and awaits forthcoming decisions in April.”

“My curiosity started with a talking globe, and over time, with parents who enabled me to explore more through atlases and biology books, I developed my love for science. As I grew older, it was Delaware, through opportunities at Univeristy of Delaware and Newark Charter, that helped me develop my interests in research and technical entrepreneurship, using computer science and biology. I’m incredibly grateful to the teachers, parents, siblings, and mentors that have guided me, and I hope to continue maintaining my curiosity.”