Risha Kumar

Calloway (Cab) School of the Arts

Nomination Statement

“A National AP Scholar, National Merit Winner, and Presidential Scholar nominee, Risha has taken virtually every single one of the most advanced courses CCSA offers. Through her leadership positions in a variety of activities, she has exhibited the extraordinary ability to uplift her peers and build a strong sense of community. Her service work is focused on assisting youth to develop their literacy skills both locally and in India. As a project manager at the Delaware Youth Leadership Network, Risha works to help other high school students grow as leaders. She will attend the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.”

“I’ve always been driven to take on more challenges in order to grow as a student and person. Whether it’s taking a difficult math class or applying to competitive opportunities, I love the challenge and the feeling of growth from every challenge. I am also inspired by my teachers, mentors, and parents who have supported me through the rejections, low self-esteem moments, and failed tests, and I want to continue working to show the immense impact of their dedication.”