Rachel Brzezicki

Lake Forest High School

Nomination Statement

“Daughter of Christina Brzezicki and Mike Records, Rachel Brzezicki is a stellar member of the senior class at LFHS. Rachel’s achievements are among the most of any student in Lake Forest’s history. She has served as Delaware BPA president, president of 302 Jars of Joy for Junior Achievement, is co-founder of the LFHS Environmental Club, and is a representative of the Maryland, Delaware, D.C. Moose Association. This is in addition to six top-five finishes in the state BPA competitions and placing 8th at the BPA Nationals in Global Marketing. Rachel plans to attend Columbia University and major in sustainable development.”

“I have always had the mindset that there is no point in doing something if it isn’t done to the best of my ability, and I carry this with me in everything I do. I am motivated by my own personal curiosity and internal desire to create a life I look forward to waking up to every day. My persistent personality has and will continue to serve me well and never stop short in pursuit of this goal.”